Personalized Heating & Furnace Replacement in North Metro, GA

Expert Checking Furnace — HVAC Contractor in Acworth, GA
A new furnace or heating system can mean better performance, smarter thermostats and energy savings. Hammock's does heating replacements differently than most. Call us and a technician will come to you, free of charge and at your earliest convenience. The technician will examine your heater or furnace. They will then help you determine the best options for your home and budget. There is no high pressure sales interaction. We will leave you with a personalized proposal, other helpful information and time to think it over. We will wait for you to choose to move forward with installation.
But how do you know when it is time to replace your Furnace?

Constant Repairs

The most clear-cut sign that you need to replace your heating system is the constant need for repairs. Although it seems like a higher cost up front to purchase a whole new system, you will save money and time in the long run by eliminating the need for costly repairs. The condition of the old system will continue to decline as it ages, and new systems are more energy efficient and convenient features.

Inconsistent Performance

It is easy to tell if your heating system is not running. One problem that is a little harder to detect is whether or not the system is running at full capacity. Is your system heating your house efficiently or is it wasting energy and driving up your electricity bills? An aging system may no longer be suitable for your home. A Hammock's technician will be able to determine if your system is running at full capacity and will counsel you on options for replacing it.