Is your air conditioner making a strange noise? Air conditioning units today are designed to be as quiet as possible. Many of them are made with sound-dampening technology. Having a variable speed compressor makes it possible to maintain a level of noise under 55 decibels. This means if an air conditioning unit is making unusual sounds when it is operating, it shouldn’t be ignored. This could be a sign the unit needs an upgrade or repair. Here is a list of sounds that your air conditioner could make that 


In many cases, the clicking sound is from a unit’s electrical components starting up or shutting down. This is common. Should a clicking sound get loud, it is not normal. This may be a sign of a failing thermostat or a defective control.


This sound is a strong indication there is a broken or loose part in the unit. It could be the crankshaft, connecting rod or piston pin and more. In some cases, the indoor blower could be out of balance. Banging could also indicate there is a need for a compressor replacement in the unit.

Screaming or Hissing

Should someone hear this sound coming from their air conditioning unit, it is a good idea to turn it off. This is a sign of a significant problem with the refrigerant or compressor. Running a unit with this sound could cause serious damage.


This is an indication that a part in the unit is unbalanced or loose. Inside the sealed units, there could be a part that has failed. In some situations, the compressor itself has become loose. This could also be the sound of an outdoor fan or indoor blower blades being unbalanced This will cause them to hit other parts. A unit with this sound will develop serious problems if ignored.


In most cases, this isn’t an indication that something is seriously wrong. It does signal there is something inside a unit that isn’t right. Refrigerant piping, as well as a loose part, could vibrate and cause such humming. If not addressed, it could turn into a maintenance issue. Humming could also be a sign of an electrical problem. A problem with the motor or loose wiring could also cause this sound.

Wet Noises, Gurgling, Dripping

When this type of noise is heard, it could be caused by the condensate line or refrigerant. Each of these issues can be very serious. Should a unit’s drain line as well as drain pan get moved out of place, it can cause backing up or dripping. This can result in freezing up, corrosion and more.

Internal Faint Banging

It is possible for certain internal components in a unit to become dislodged. This can result in repeated internal banging sound. If this is not addressed, the affected component could become even looser, dislodge itself and cause other components to do the same thing. If this sound is ignored, it can result in a much larger problem developing.


This is a sharp shrill sound. In many cases, it is caused by a unit having faulty bearings or a potentially damaged or bad belt. Each of these is not difficult to repair. It is something that can be easily resolved by a professional.

When an air conditioning unit is working properly, the sound it makes will simply blend into the background noise of wherever it is located. If the sound it makes seems like a jet engine and involves humming, screeching, banging and more, it could be a concern. They could be an indication that something is wrong and will only get worse over time. 

How Hammock’s AC Can Help

It is always better to call HVAC professionals like those at Hammock’s AC when you first hear an unfamiliar sound. They can identify the cause of the sound and do what is necessary to fix it. Calling them when a sound starts is always a good idea. It’s better than waiting and possibly needing a full replacement of an air conditioning unit. Contact us today- your choice in heating and cooling!

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