With winter right around the corner, the chillier days are almost upon us. With that said, many homes are gearing up to turn on their furnaces. If you’re bringing your furnace out of retirement, there are some considerations to bear in mind to ensure that you stay out of harm’s way. Here are some safety tips you should heed to avoid a furnace fiasco.


Before pressing the “turn on furnace” button, remove all dust and grime from the unit. During the months that your furnace is running, it’s critical to clear out any impurities that could be tampering with the furnace. If you opt not to vacuum your furnace, dangerous circumstances could arise. In essence, when dust runs rampant in furnaces, it doesn’t bode well for fire safety. To lessen fire risks, it’s crucial to vacuum your furnace at least once a month.

Be Wary Of Nearby Flammable Items

Flammable materials should be kept far away from furnace equipment. These elements mix like oil and water. Essentially, you want to remove any items that could catch fire from heat. Some prime examples include gasoline, sawdust, paint, rags, and paper.

Replace Filters

One of the most overlooked aspects of furnace upkeep is replacing the filter. Dirty filters wreak havoc on furnaces and often precipitate performance problems. A good rule of thumb is to switch your filters at least once a month. If your furnace is used regularly, you may have to replace your filters more often.

Employ An Industry Specialist

If you own a furnace, yearly inspections are warranted. It takes a trained eye to determine if anything looks amiss, and it’s always better to be safe than sorry. If you lack the necessary expertise, it can be difficult to pinpoint any ongoing issues or potential red flags. With assistance from an industry expert, like Hammock’s AC, however, you’ll find comfort in knowing that your furnace is up to snuff.

Allow For Optimal Airflow

If fresh air isn’t pumping through your furnace, oxygen levels will become dangerously low. Not surprisingly, this can lead to hazardous circumstances for you and your family. One surefire way to guarantee that your furnace is receiving fresh air is by clearing obstructions. In other words, don’t place anything near or around your furnace that would prevent air from reaching it.

Clear The Flue Pipe

Though it has a silly name, the flue pipe is exceedingly important. This pipe serves as a passageway for the fumes that are created by the furnace. If you notice any cracks, leaks, or clogs in the flue pipe, immediate action needs to be taken. If you allow this problem to go unchecked, carbon monoxide will eventually permeate the air. If you’re unsure of how to rectify the issue, enlist the help of a certified professional.

Test Your Thermostat

Though your furnace may be operable, your thermostat may have gone kaput. Over time, thermostats become unreliable and begin reading inaccurate numbers. After turning on your furnace, check to see if the thermostat reading goes up. If not, it’s on the fritz. If the thermostat isn’t functioning properly, you can either replace or reprogram it. Either way, you’ll want to ensure that it’s reading the correct temperature. Otherwise, you’ll remain in the dark about how warm your home is.

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