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$89 Heating Inspections with FREE Springtime Checkups

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Is your heater struggling? Or maybe it’s working fine, but you’d like to stop any issues before they happen? Whatever the case, we’ve got your inspection needs covered. For $89, we will inspect your heating unit and inspect any additional equipment for $39 per unit. This also includes a FREE springtime checkup before the summer heat hits.

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Schedule an HVAC Inspection Before You Need It

Here in Georgia having air conditioning is a necessity throughout the year. If you like to gamble, then just let your home’s heating and cooling equipment keep running without regularly testing the system. You might get lucky and have no problems. However, you might be in for an unpleasant surprise: no A/C. To prevent HVAC problems, reduce electricity costs and help your system last longer, it’s smart to give it a regular checkup in addition to changing filters regularly.

Prevent maintenance issues with an HVAC checkup.

If you want fewer repair expenses, scheduling preventive maintenance for your HVAC system can help. Being proactive can extend the life of your A/C and dehumidifier, and that saves you money. During an HVAC inspection, a technician will:

  • Identify damaged parts (if there are any)
  • Check the condenser unit
  • Clean the coils
  • Lubricate moving parts
  • Ensure the wiring is safe and electrical connection is tight
  • Look for blockage in the drains
  • Tighten loose hoses and connectors
  • Monitor the refrigeration levels
  • Remove dirt, dust and grime from the inside of the unit
  • Test the thermostat and indoor components

While the technician is at your home, have him or her also give your dehumidifier a checkup if it is separate from your A/C unit. The technician can inspect its fans, clean it and remove any blockage. In addition, he or she can look at the coolant line’s foam insulation to make sure it is in good shape.

Know when to replace your HVAC system.

Are you interested in having your heating system professionally inspected? Looking for licensed and reputable heating service in the Atlanta area? Call us today to schedule your inspection.

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