Is it time to replace my system? How do I know?

The most clear-cut sign that you need to replace your system is the constant need for repairs. Although it seems like a higher cost up front to purchase a whole new system you will save money, time, and comfort in the long run by eliminating the need for costly repairs. As the system ages it’s performance declines, which not only decreases the output of air conditioning, but also increases your utility bills. New systems are far energy efficient and come with modern convenient features.

I need to replace my system – now what?

A new system can mean better performance, smarter thermostats, and big energy savings. Hammock’s does system replacements differently than most. We will gather some information from you over the phone when you call us so we can prepare for your estimate appointment. A trained Comfort Specialist will come to you, free of charge, at your earliest convenience. He will be thorough in his examination of your ductwork, home size, and ask a lot of questions about what you want out of your system.

Based on his assessment and your input he’ll provide you with the best options for your home and budget. We have several financing options available as well if you need them because we know this is not an expense one handles lightly.

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What our customers are saying

HUGE THANK YOU! This is the HVAC contractor that everyone should consider when they have needs in their home. I have used their services for the past 15 years and they have always been reliable, honest, fair and very reasonably priced. I have moved several times withing Marietta City and I own rental properties. They are always my first call to investigate the HVAC system.

Michael V August 5, 2018

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