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Having your system maintained in both heating and cooling can ensure your system performs at its best. The three most common problems that occur without system maintenance are drain lines clogged with debris and bacteria, electrical component failure, and a filter that has long since clogged up with home environmental particles. These problems often cause a complete shutdown of the system. Worse that that – you could face additional water damage to your home. With routine care by Hammock’s AC you can lower your electrical bills and extend the life of your system.

Routine Maintenance – What’s included?

Each year your HVAC system loses about 5% of its initial efficiency without routine care. This means your system works harder each year to provide the same amount of cooling. Wear and tear without care will not only cost a lot more money in repairs and utilities but also decrease the value and lifespan of the system. When your HVAC system is maintained twice a year it will have more capacity to serve you faithfully and economically for many years. Our maintenance agreement includes a 16-point assessment of performance, new filter in your indoor unit, recommendations based on current performance, and when we leave – assurance that your system is optimized for peak performance all year long.” Contact Hammock’s AC and let us add value to your home with routine maintenance.

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What our customers are saying

HUGE THANK YOU! This is the HVAC contractor that everyone should consider when they have needs in their home. I have used their services for the past 15 years and they have always been reliable, honest, fair and very reasonably priced. I have moved several times withing Marietta City and I own rental properties. They are always my first call to investigate the HVAC system.

Michael V August 5, 2018

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